Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yet Another Facebook Hack

So another hack is circulating around Facebook. Be careful on what you click on.

This is the second similar message I got this month. The last one I also missed. The owner of the account finally posted an update that she finally got her Facebook account back.

It appears that someone figured out her password and then logged into her account. I suspect the link installs a keylogger or it is a link to a phishing page that asks you to sign in again. This allows the hackers to get your password, so they can log in to your account.

Until I can figure out how they are getting in and how to prevent it, here are a few basic tips you need to remember for any of your online accounts.

  1. Passphrases are more secure than alphanumeric passwords. Keep your credentials updated.

  2.  If you click on a link and it says that Facebook needs to verify your account, close the tab. The only time Facebook will ask you for your password is if  you cleared your cookies, or never signed in that browser before. Any other time is probably a phishing site.
  3. Don't give your password out to anyone.
  4. Be careful when going on to public WiFi. Double check there aren't two of the same hot-spots in your WiFi list on your device. For instance, check to see that there isn't two “Walmart” hot-spots. It's likely one of them is a hacker.
  5. And finally, If alarm bells go off when you see something out of character from a friend, it's likely your instincts are right. Find another way to contact this friend and ask.
Hope this helps a little and maybe I won't get a similar message from another Facebook friend.