Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Windows 10 - Con(s)

Since Windows 10 is new, there are a lot of bugs, however, I won't mention them here. As we all know, Microsoft sends updates frequently. Considering Windows 10 is fairly new, It's likely the bugs I mention would have already been patched.

There are, however a couple of serious annoyances that Windows 10 considers as "features". Perhaps it's just my opinion, but I doubt I'm the only one who sees this.

First, the accounts. Out of all of the annoyances, this is the worse. I have six kids.  While most of them use the desktop, I use my laptop to let my youngest son, the two year old, watch videos while I cook.

He somehow manage to open and change the setting one day. I figured it's time to get him his own account. Preferably one that doesn't have admin rights.

Well, you can't just set up a simple account. They have to have an email account. That's right. It's doesn't matter if he's two. He needs an email account.

What on earth does a two year old need an email account for?! To send emails to potential preschools? I guess if they want to get into a good college, I suppose.

Seriously, It would be cool if I can set up an ultra-restrictive account for toddlers. Then I would install some basic educational and video apps, then like android, allow only these apps to display onto the kids screen. They wouldn’t allowed to access any other app - or settings for that matter. He shouldn't even be able to turn off the Wi-Fi.

But, Windows didn't do that and if I want my toddler to have an account so he wouldn't accidentally delete some rather important files, or maybe add his two cents to one of my text documents, or maybe turn the screen upside down.

If you were trying to get the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to dump XP or maybe not install linux, this wasn't the way to go. I won't get into the data collecting that goes on either- but believe it or not, that has been happening since Vista, so it's old news. Perhaps, maybe there are some new data collected from the voice recognition program, this can be turned off. 

The other, not half as annoying but still a problem is how Windows handles Wi-Fi. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or something someone didn't think about.

Of course, it may not be so annoying if I hadn't had to reset my Wifi a lot during the day, thanks to the fact that the waypoint is a bit far making it a flaky. Sometimes the antenna doesn't connect and sometimes it won't even show up.

I sometimes will have to use a range extender to reach a working waypoint at the campground as the ones locally don't always work. It doesn't show up in the main window. If I wanted to manage the connection, I have to right-click on the WiFi button and then settings. After that, however, it is easy to manage the WiFi Connections.

 I mentioned a built in store for Windows 10 in my last post on Windows. Well, it turns out that it could be considered a con as well. Instead of working on this post, I was browsing the store and marveling at all of the free programs on there. I know, I shouldn't have excuses... but they're FREE!

Or maybe it isn't as much of a bad thing. I certainly have a lot of fodder for this blog, and I think it's about time  I updated my "Free Stuff" page.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Windows 10 - Pros

My last post onWindows was about the installation. I'm sure that everyone would like to know the pros and cons of Windows 10. This blog covers the Pros. I'll be doing the Cons in my next post.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Amazon Associates

I swear it  that life is conspiring against me. I internet finally started to work more consistently a few weeks ago and I had been catching up in everything else, including this blog.

Then finally, I check my amazon associates account to see it missing. Realizing what happened, I checked my email and sure enough...

The internet was so bad, that I had limited my postings to one blog that didn't require so much research. If I go to the library, I may be able to get online, but usually I have Ethan with me and I can manage to get a few notes, but usually not enough before he will have nothing to do with anyone else.

Granted, I could go and have someone babysit, but that's a lot harder than it sounds. I don't like leaving because the place is usually trashed when I get back. It's a bit frustrating. So now a lot of things get in the way of leaving.

The amazon affiliate (and other affiliate link) only work if you can have consistent content - which, if you check the post dates, that doesn't happen too often, especially in recent times.

That said, the internet is a little better, but now, even if I wanted to go back to Amazon associates, I have to bring this blog to where it was.

I have a lot to think about. Until then, I will be making more posts on Windows.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Facebook and its Glitches?

Nathan got an error while trying to get onto Facebook. Something about being possibly suspended.

When he told me, he said that his account had been suspended. I asked if he knew what possibly could have caused it and he said that the last comment he made was on a popular post in response to "I can't wait until the Blue-Bell trucks come back." His comment? "They will when the military is done with them." It was a tongue and cheek humorous comment on Jade helm. Not a terrorist threat, not a call to arms, not a bomb threat, or any kind of threat.

He noticed that the comment had been deleted so he assumed that it may have been that comment.

I was livid.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Facebook (and Microsoft for that matter - another post sometime in the future). Teetering on the brink of hate for how FB has sold out to the government, the love of keeping in touch with friends and family has kept me from going over that edge. I almost went over that edge when Nathan told me this.

It turns out he misunderstood the error. Another attempted login, and  he was in - but not before I went on a rant and threatened to leave. I should have waited to make a second attempt, so that I wouldn't have thrown a fit online. Throwing a fit

I could chalk it off to a glitch. I could have been a glitch, but was it? Was his account was flagged because of an off-hand remark?

Will my account be suspended because of this post?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Windows 10 - Installation

Windows 10 Logo By Microsoft Corporation [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Microsoft Corporation [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
So, I'm back, and what better way to start off again, than to do a few posts on Windows 10. There's a lot to cover, so there will be several posts, including installation.

About a month ago, I reserved my free copy of Windows 10. Since I already had Windows 8.1, I figured there was no harm, well other than a few bugs here and there.

I'm normally not an "early adopter". Somewhere between Windows 95 and XP I had decided to just get the latest when I purchase a new computer. Since I had kids, I found that I was more inclined to spend money on food for them, rather than on software to replace what already worked just fine.

Not to mention the time involved on devising work-a-rounds for the inevitable bugs that happen with new software.

It was just easier to wait a year when all of the early adopters have called attention to the bugs, where Microsoft would then finally send a service pack or update that took care of the problems.

Granted, I would get the new computer pre-slowed with the new patches, but at least it was stable.

So getting the upgrade so soon, for all intents and purposes, is something new to me. I figured that since I already have Windows 8.1 pre-installed, why not?

It was easy... Maybe a little too easy.

If you've seen me complain on Facebook, it is usually about the flaky internet, which is why I was attempting to schedule the update for a time that I can be at the Library. The library's internet was a bit slower, but much more stable. I hadn't backed up my files and I knew that if the internet flaked out, I would be in serious trouble.

So, while I was waiting on clothes to dry at the Laundry room by the clubhouse, I went through the scheduling steps. So far, so good, and self-explanatory.

As soon as I was ready to click on schedule, which was right next to the "update now" button, Michala walked in to ask me for something. I don't recall what happened but as I turned, I must have bumped the wireless mouse as I clicked on the laptop mouse to continue.

No idiot confirmation dialogue box.

Let's face it, we've all (at least once) installed or deleted something that we shouldn't have. We all have had our idiot moments, and I had mine when I installed Windows 10.

Things started to shut down and I realized what I did. I immediately moved my laptop closer to the window to make sure it had a better connection and prayed that it would not crash.

It didn't crash fortunately and the install was pretty straightforward.  Some things did have to be reinstalled, but my files were not effected.

If you choose to install Windows 10, make sure you back up your files, just in case AND make sure you have a stable internet connection. I "lucked out".