Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yet Another Facebook Hack

So another hack is circulating around Facebook. Be careful on what you click on.

This is the second similar message I got this month. The last one I also missed. The owner of the account finally posted an update that she finally got her Facebook account back.

It appears that someone figured out her password and then logged into her account. I suspect the link installs a keylogger or it is a link to a phishing page that asks you to sign in again. This allows the hackers to get your password, so they can log in to your account.

Until I can figure out how they are getting in and how to prevent it, here are a few basic tips you need to remember for any of your online accounts.

  1. Passphrases are more secure than alphanumeric passwords. Keep your credentials updated.

  2.  If you click on a link and it says that Facebook needs to verify your account, close the tab. The only time Facebook will ask you for your password is if  you cleared your cookies, or never signed in that browser before. Any other time is probably a phishing site.
  3. Don't give your password out to anyone.
  4. Be careful when going on to public WiFi. Double check there aren't two of the same hot-spots in your WiFi list on your device. For instance, check to see that there isn't two “Walmart” hot-spots. It's likely one of them is a hacker.
  5. And finally, If alarm bells go off when you see something out of character from a friend, it's likely your instincts are right. Find another way to contact this friend and ask.
Hope this helps a little and maybe I won't get a similar message from another Facebook friend.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I have a confession to make.

self portrait of sadness
self portrait of sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I know that this blog is supposed to be a tech blog. However, I think the post I'm about to write is just as useful. Maybe.

For some reason, when I come close to a small success, I start to falter. I second guess myself, procrastinate, or let little "bad luck" situations get in the way.

My story-blog, something that I have been working on for a while, is almost done. The last few posts were late. There are a few times I had to take a "hiatus" because I couldn't bring myself to write anything.

Before, I would make several posts and schedule them every other day at 7:00 am. If something came up (as it always did), there were no worries. I knew a post was all ready to go.

Forcing myself to write makes matters worse. I know that I say that I will be writing all day to get ahead. Instead, I realize that the grout in the bathroom needs to be clean, a section in the drawer needs to be organized, or most commonly, I stay on Facebook and Twitter too long.

The more I try to force myself to write, the more things pop up that need attention.

I wanted to write a book a long time ago. I had this story, percolating in my head for quite some time. Years passed, and most of the story is faded. Most of my notes were lost in three moves and an accident with our travel trailer.

I started this story-blog as a continuation of that book. I hoped that it would jog my memory. It seems, however, that I am sabotaging myself again.

This book isn't the only thing I've started and could not finish. I won't get into that in this post.

So, my question is, how does one overcome this hurdle? How does someone, who recognizes their own sabotage, finally get over it and continue?

Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Garbage (a.k.a. "Fake") News

Snapshot from a garbage fake new site:
What you see is a fake news site. No sources, just a post that spews outright lies.

And yet, this garbage gets passed around as "fact."

You may think that this particular post isn't that big of a deal - but considering that this is supposed to be a "conservative site". 

I've been through this before, but maybe I wasn't clear. So here are steps you can take to make sure you aren't spreading lies.

DO: Check to see if there are sources.

If fake news sites actually link to anything, it's usually to another site that it plagiarized. Usually, however, there are no links.

DON'T: Link to the page based on its title. Read the article first.

DO: Use Google. Just type the title into the search box. If you can't find anything to your satisfaction, then pick up some keywords. "Monica Lewinski Died" would be a good search parameter to use.

DON'T: Post something without doing your research. Don't have time to research? Then don't post it.


Now to get all religious (a heads up to non-Christians)

As Christians, we are supposed to Purveyors of truth. If you are not posting something that isn't true, then you are spreading a lie. Guess who the father of all lies is? Guess who you are helping by sharing lies?

Now, more than ever, we are up for scrutiny. Don't give those who hate us more fodder. They already have enough as it is.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Store Update

Items in the Store
Finally, the CafePress store is very close to the design of my blog. Okay, maybe not, but at least when you visit it, you can tell that it belongs to this site.

My next project for this site is to fix I don't think I will be able to do that until Friday since I have another site to work on.

I've also added more journals if you are interested. I will be buying a few for myself and the kids. Two of them want one for drawing. Since one of the options happens to be blank pages, they'll have their drawing journals.

I do have a lot more planned for MOMETEK. Like the MOMETEK Facebook page, subscribe to MOMETEK YouTube channel (soon!), and for updates for more than just MOMETEK, follow me on Twitter.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Make Sure Your Angry Rant is Grammatically Correct

Grammar automaton
Grammar automaton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did someone make you so mad on Facebook that you cannot spell straight? Blogged a wall of text but when editing, you realize you are too tired to double-check your grammar?

You might want to check Grammarly. This addon is a step up from the standard spellcheck found in browsers.

The free version checks mostly spelling and some basic errors (like commas, etc.). It also has a premium version that makes you question your ability as a writer.

There are two ways to get premium access. You can either pay for it at low as $11.66 per a month, if you pay for an entire year at once, or if you invite people and they sign up for free and get this: you and the person that signs up gets a free week of premium.

Yeah, I'll get a free week of Premium if you sign up.
You can only see the advanced issues with premium.

I wouldn't be posting on it though if I didn't like it. To be honest, I've had some problems with Grammarly and Firefox up to about a week ago.  It's why I hadn't posted it until now.

You can also download and install the Grammarly app, which allows you to copy-paste or import articles to edit. If you don't have Microsoft Office Suite, then it won't work in One Note. There's no plug-in for LibreOffice either. It also doesn't work on some sites like Twitter and Patreon.

I use the app for a lot of my posts on my story blog as it's easier to keep it all in one place on One Note. Eventually, I will be expanding on the story, and I will have a book to sell, soon.

In the meantime, install the app,  and give it a shot. Don't let your anger make you look like an illiterate. Keep the Grammar Nazis from detracting from your point and the opposition on less thing to criticize.

Posts for this blog, Elusive Retrospection and related Patreon posts.

This post already corrected except for the "advanced issues". I usually use the plugin that works with Blogger but this makes a good example. FYI - I seem to love, the, comma, a, little, too, much.

Edit: I got my brother to sign up so that I can have a week to test premium. The good news is that I updated this article with the corrections. The bad news is that I didn't realize how bad my writing was until now.

I also used it for my book blog. The only shortcoming is that when you write someone's speech, some people speak grammatically incorrect. Grammarly cannot tell the difference. Fortunately, there is an ignore link.