Thursday, August 10, 2017

My decision - Most likely my last blog post here

I've decided to migrate away from the bigger social media companies. This includes blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I do NOT like where this is going.

The problem with Google and Facebook, as companies, is that they don't realize who uses their platform. Yes there's a lot of people who criticize certain groups, but there's even more who will stand by free speech. People who's content are seemingly benign. These are the ones you should worry about.

COMPETENT people are for open discussions even if it means letting idiots have their say.
COMPETENT people are for the free market (not corporatism, that is different)
COMPETENT people are patient, but do have their limits, and when those limits are reached, they'll leave in DROVES.

But it's not just the users that will leave, if the economy improves, it will also be the employees. You fired one of them already. Many more will follow. Then you will be stuck with people who have no clue on how to run a business and they will drive Google to the ground.

There are more competent people than the vile, race/sex-baiting hedonistic-type people you see screeching on network television. There are more us than of them.

If Google doesn't realize this soon, I give them a few more years. They're catering to the wrong people. After all, there's a real reason why network television is STILL losing viewers and revenue.

FYI, I'm not shutting down any of my accounts. It is possible that Google will realize what they are doing and change their policies before it's too late. In the meantime, check out I will start posting articles there after a few weeks.

There's also the problem that all these sites are integrated in logins. I have an Android phone which is pretty much owned by Google. I'm finding it difficult to get family to switch to an alternative. A lot of people will have a difficult time leaving - for the same reason why I have a difficult time leaving. No one else will move.

It was only recently that I got back onto Twitter. It was to improve the likelihood that my posts will be seen. Now, I'm going back to using Twitter only as an aggregator - until I find something else. seems to be okay, but I don't know how well it works with other sites.

Anyway, I'm going to be one of the few that actually announce "the leaving". Most will quietly find something else. No complaints. No sound.