Saturday, August 22, 2015

Windows 10 - Pros

My last post onWindows was about the installation. I'm sure that everyone would like to know the pros and cons of Windows 10. This blog covers the Pros. I'll be doing the Cons in my next post.

It is faster than Win 8.1, and that's saying a lot.

I have a habit of opening many windows. Right now I have "OneNote (to reference my note for this post), Mozilla Firefox (using blogger to write this post), Steam (it took a little while longer than usual to connect to the internet, sticky notes, VCL (Ethan is currently watching a DVD), and Minecraft (the java-based version).

I had loaded the game for the fun of it, loaded an old map I've had been working on (a few minutes at a time) for a while, set it to 16 chunks, then opened my inventory so that it can continue to run in the background.

Still no lag. At this point in Win 8.1, I would start to see a slight delay in typing, but it was barely noticeable.

I'm sure that Windows will eventually take care of that with another patch (remember xp?) If it doesn't happen, you can color me officially impressed.

The internet does a better job at staying connected, in spite of the flaky internet connection.

The Wi-Fi does transition seamlessly from one connection to another. When one waypoint quits (and it happens a lot here) it immediately connects to the next available waypoint. I only noticed a few "hiccups" in my connection when the waypoints are functioning properly.

I like the new start menu.
They should have done this first. Win 8 had a start page. I guess after enough complaints, they went back to a start menu, but instead of a list, they use Icons. So now, you have the best of both worlds, The functionality of a PC with the compatibility for touchscreen.

I'm also a visual person. I used to have a ton of icons on my desktop, organized in groups. Now I have a few folders and sticky notes, but the main icons are all in the start menu, also organized into groups. The best part is that I can now label the groups, making programs easier to find .

Cortana does pretty well in translating my speech into text.

To be  honest, however, I haven't mess with Cortana much as it requires a steady internet connection. However, I do like what I see and it's potential. At the moment, though, it seems to be a glorified search engine. When I get a steady connection again, I'll give Cortana more of a chance.

Built in store is handy. 

 Every operating system should have a built in store where you can get compatible apps. Downloadable software is the future - and my ability to not drown in CDs that I'll probably never use again. Since we live in a Camper, space is limited.

Of course, this means I'll eventually run out of coasters.

So, there you have it - so far. There is a lot more to Windows 10, most I haven't tried yet. I will be getting more in depth of some of the features at a later date.

If you want to update from Windows 7 or 8(.1), I would highly recommend it. It is (at the time of this post) free, but you have to reserve your copy.