Thursday, August 20, 2015

Amazon Associates

I swear it  that life is conspiring against me. I internet finally started to work more consistently a few weeks ago and I had been catching up in everything else, including this blog.

Then finally, I check my amazon associates account to see it missing. Realizing what happened, I checked my email and sure enough...

The internet was so bad, that I had limited my postings to one blog that didn't require so much research. If I go to the library, I may be able to get online, but usually I have Ethan with me and I can manage to get a few notes, but usually not enough before he will have nothing to do with anyone else.

Granted, I could go and have someone babysit, but that's a lot harder than it sounds. I don't like leaving because the place is usually trashed when I get back. It's a bit frustrating. So now a lot of things get in the way of leaving.

The amazon affiliate (and other affiliate link) only work if you can have consistent content - which, if you check the post dates, that doesn't happen too often, especially in recent times.

That said, the internet is a little better, but now, even if I wanted to go back to Amazon associates, I have to bring this blog to where it was.

I have a lot to think about. Until then, I will be making more posts on Windows.