Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making a Website for Profit! Part Two

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In my last post, I opened an account on strikingly and started a website. However, it's far from finished. I added two links to two stores. One for my Astore and one for my Cafepress Store.

It's the two ways you can make money off you blog or website. I have to say, though, the market is so saturated logo mugs, it's difficult to sell any... Unless, you get a lot of visitors and a really awesome logo that everyone will want.

Can you make money on Cafepress? Well, I haven't, but to be fair, I may post to this blog maybe a few times a month. Even the most popular bloggers seem to think this is a bad idea. There may be a few who can get away with it as they may be popular by other means, like an author or celebrity.

It looks pretty grim if you do a search online. It's true that Cafepress's base price is a bit high, which is why you don't see T-Shirts in my store. That said, I may put some on in the future. Some sites I came across said that they do make money off the product.

We will see.

That said, I'm going to actually put some effort into it, one last time. Then I will post my efforts and results in another post. Yeah, this is definitely another post for later.

Then there's the AStore. This one has a little more potential. Again, I hadn't made the effort on this blog, so I haven't made much. I'm not even sure if anyone buys something in these stores or they later check it out on the Amazon store itself.

That said, I had put stores on the site. Both are easy to set up and if there is a way to make money off these two stores, I will find out. The stores I will be promoting will be on this site.

As for the website I've been working on, it's just a demo site to show what available resources there are to start a business at home, possibly to even make a passive income.

As for the Website, I will still be tweaking it and posting my efforts. More posts to come.