Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Using CafePress

CafePress Dashboard Header
I've opened a CafePress shop. I've tried them in the past and until I started to add things to my store, I had forgotten why I stopped.

CafePress is a bit expensive for just promotional products, especially when a lot of this is given away by companies for free. Just look at this clasp wallet. Believe me, there's not much markup here. The Beach bag isn't too bad, but still, we got a similar thing from PEPSICO when Mike got his job... For free... AND it's well made.

I'm probably better off spending $100 up front and buying a case of promotional items from Athens Screen printing (a local business), then sell it. If you can buy the case, the profit margins are much larger.

I don't have $100.

I guess I'll have to get my creative on and work on some images. Or, I'll just hire my girls and have them come up with something. The only way I can justify some of the prices is to have killer artwork.

The good news is that CafePress has changed their pricing structure. I can now have more than one item sporting different "masterpieces".  That's good, since I do have some ideas for the Journals (not available yet).

CafePress Shop: http://www.cafepress.com/MOMETEK

I still have a lot to with the design of the shop. At the time of this post, I just have the standard template up. In a few days, it should look more like this blog.
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