Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sony, Panasonic, and YouTube

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube
Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I had a Sony DCR-SX45 and loved it but it had just one shortcoming... Durability. I have six kids and the camera got knocked around a lot. After two years, the camera finally quit. Maybe it was the huge rainstorm that soaked it a year ago. Who knows. As good as a camera that was, I need something a little more durable - and waterproof.

I still would recommend the Sony, as the quality is awesome, to anyone with less than three kids. You can check it out here on Amazon.

That said, I decided to purchase the Panasonic HX-WA03. It will be my first "unboxing" video when it comes in, which brings me to my new YouTube channel. There's not much there yet since I am focusing right now on my "This (not so) Boring Life Channel".

That said, I'll probably start reviewing some gadgets that I've used for a couple of years that are still on the market, like my blender. Some gadgets prove their worth, not out of the box, but a year down the road, after constant, normal use. So the Panasonic may not be my first video review.

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