Monday, March 17, 2014

Changes in the Wind

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Just a FYI: I'm making some changes to MOMETEK. For one, I will be changing the home page. It's why that at the time of this post, both the "Home" tab and the "Blog" tab go to the same page. I recently purchased "" and it will be pointing to a different page. Don't worry, if you have "" bookmarked, you will still get here.

Blogger doesn't allow different templates for the pages, which is a pain. I had an A-Store, but I couldn't make my template wide enough for it without sacrificing one of the columns.

So there will be a few pages added to blogger, but it won't be hosted on blogger. I haven't set them up yet, but I thought I would give my readers a heads up. When the changes are final, I'll let you know.
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