Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Tablet adventures - P1

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My Tablet adventures - Intro

Yeah, this was supposed to be about the joys and sorrows of owning a tablet but there had been a few mishaps since my last post.

 I ended up frying the charging circuit on my tablet. For some reason, the plug to my daughter's tablet, that I had just got done debugging, has the exact same size plug as my tablet did - except it was 12v instead of 5v.  That's right, I gave it too much "juice" and knew exactly what happened the moment I heard that "POP!"

So I bought myself a new one. It wasn't that expensive, even though it was a slight downgrade from the other one, it still ran nicely.  I was able to install google apps without rooting it, like the last one. It was synchonized to my google calendar and all was well and I continued to mess with it so that I can post my findings.

Fast forward a few months. I had put velcro on the back of the tablet so that I can hang it on the cabinet door.  It was an unusually busy day and I had reached for my tablet to take somewhere, I don't remember where now as it was no longer important after what happened next. For some reason, it was on way too tight and I wasn't expecting as much resistance, so my grip wasn't as tight as it should have been.

It slipped, right over my coffee cup and hit the edge. Now, you would think that between ceramic and a hardened plastic corner, it would at least be a draw.  But no, the crack in the screen started from the top right corner to about three quarters of the way down on the left. There's only a few times where I have been extremely angry with myself for being such a clutz after my teenage years and that was one of them.

I manage to turn off the tablet (actually shut it down) by pressing in different areas of the screen until the right button was pressed. After cooling down a bit, I fired off an email to Coby and told them how wonderful their tablets are but I had fried one and the other was dropped.  I didn't say who dropped it as I wasn't ready to admit to Tech support that I was one of the idiots that they make fun of at coffee break.

They then sent an email back with instructions on sending it back for $50 for each tablet and shipping. For some reason, we missed the shipping part and didn't send it in. Perhaps because no amount was specified.
A few weeks later, I got the email saying that we need to still send $15 each tablet for shipping. This was just a few days before vacation. I said I would send it in the next day, but my husband refused, saying that it would get back while we were gone and he didn't want a package like that to sit outside for any length of time.

He sent it the day we got back and interestingly enough, it took long enough that it would have been here a few days after we got back.

When we got the package, I was quite surprised to to find that it wasn't out tablets that came in, but two new 7" Coby Kyros Mid 7042 with Android 4.0.4 installed. I don't think there's an emoticon that relects the look on my face at that moment when saw the two new boxes.

It's one inch smaller but much faster with a capacitive screen, as opposed to a resistive screen. It took me about a week to stop using my fingernail and I still occasionally apply a little pressure when trying to type or move icons around.

This blog post is already too long to go into details (this I will do in the next tablet adventure post), but I got to say, if you want a decent tablet that pretty much does the basics for a reasonable price, this tablet is it and at the time of this post, it's only $109.00. Of course there's the awesome customer service to consider as well. When we are done recovering from our trip financially, I plan on getting one for everyone.  They'll come in handy for homeschooling.

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