Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Tablet adventures - P2

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After getting over the excitement of my new and improved tablets, I realized that there was a problem. No Google play or Android market and the tablet was too new to find any solutions that doesn't include rooting or completely re-flashing the memory. This means that I'd have to find another way to get apps that I like that are not in the included Getjar Market.

Don't get me wrong, Getjar has quite a few awesome apps, some which I've already downloaded. However, netflix, evernote, and a few others are either in the android market or the Amazon apps Store. And the Amazon app store could only be downloaded from the Google Play site.

So I thought.

As it turns out Amazon now has an app that you can download directly and install like any other app. So, even though I can't get Google Play , I can at least get most of my favorite apps. Unfortunately, Evernote wasn't one of them, so I "cheated" and got an older version on One Note is another that I can't get, but Evernote is sufficient for what I need and I'll be patiently waiting until they have an upgraded compatible version for my tablet.

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