Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Stuff–Task Coach

5/4/2010: To-Do ListImage by john.schultz via FlickrThis has to be the Ultimate to-do list – especially for those of us who like keeping a to do list.  After all, there’s nothing more satisfying then crossing an item off of the list, knowing that it’s done.

Task Coach – Your Friendly Task Manager is a program that allows you to categorize your to do list and use subcategories. Then the tasks themselves can have subtasks. You can also take your email from outlook or Thunderbird and drag it into the Task Coach manager so that if you use email a lot to talk to clients, this is a great way to organize it all.

If you don’t mind it running in the background (not good if you are using a netbook), it also has a reminder feature to remind you when the next task is due.  But on slower computers, it's yet another item running in the background. I own a netbook, so I try to keep my running background programs to the minimum.

There are many more features, you can check it out here: and you can download it for windows here: Not running windows?  No problem.  There’s  version for Mac OS X, Linux, Iphone, and Ipod touch.
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