Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get Your Website hosted for FREE!

Google Sites
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So, you want your own website but don’t have much money to pay for a host, let alone to pay for a professional to host and design the website.

Then there’s the issue of learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and a bunch of other abbreviations and the time it takes to design and build the website. So what are you going to do?

How about using a free Hosting site? Here are four sites that I’ve created. Three are for demo purposes, the fourth was for a church that I,m attending:
Webs and Wix are free hosting sites that have a user friendly interface for even those who are completely clueless about HTML. Using a point-and-click type interface, it makes it easy to have a website up and running in no time.

Wix is the easiest to work with and it takes seconds to get a One page “business card” site up, but it’s all in flash. It allows you to upload files to share

Google Sites is the hardest, in the sense that it’s harder than the others, but still quite easy. It’s also the most flexible as it allows you to use post files that others can download (have you downloaded the PDF files I posted on my Google Sites account?).

Blogger happens to be the second most flexible, as it allows you to add pages to your blog, so that you can have a site. You can’t actually upload anything, except pictures, which Google uses picasa to store.  But like the Church site, you can use gadgets and widgets to add a contact page. You have to use external sources to store any files.

All the sites have many more features that I don’t have time to discuss. Blogger and Google are not subject to ads (at least not yet) while Wix and Webs have ads unless you want to pay the premium.

You really do need to see for yourself. Even if you have to sign up to every one, at least they’re free.
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