Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Stuff: Open Office

OpenOffice.org_logoMy husband had just got Microsoft Office for only $10 from work.  The problem?  It’s only licensed for one computer.  The program off the shelf retails for about $149.
Quite pricey if you are in a spending freeze. Enter the alternative: Open Office. The program has everything you need, including Writer, Calc ( a spreadsheet program), Impress (power point presentation), and Base.
If you are looking for a WYSIWYG editor, you can use Writer in “Web Layout” mode and design your web page. What’s more, Open Office doesn’t put in pages of useless script like Microsoft office, one of my personal pet peeves.
My husband has been using Calc for our budget for years after he realized he couldn’t find a portable version of Microsoft office for his thumb drive.  As a result, he doesn’t have to worry about which computer to work on.  He has all of his files with him.
The best part of Open Office?  It’s free.  You can download it at The down side is that a lot of larger corporations use Microsoft office. So if you are planning on sharing documents, even if you save it in a Microsoft format, there may be some compatibility issues, especially when using Calc.
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