Wednesday, April 26, 2017

YouTube drama continues

Above: Seriously Strange by Rob Dyke. This show is reminiscent of "Unsolved Mysteries" and not as gory as "Rescue 911" - and yet, advertisers in a more "conservative" time were happy to have their brands next to those shows.

Don't get me started on Adult Swim and the News.

Rob decided to do some daily shows that are - well, less elaborate and more vulgar besides his professionally done weekly shows. I think this is his not-so-subtle ways of giving the boycott the virtual middle finger - he's very close to making his financial goal, without ad revenue.

Keep in mind, Rob pays people to work on his videos (not sure about the dailies). This means if he quits, however many people he employs will be jobless. The boycott can potentially kill jobs.

Proud of yourself companies that are boycotting YouTube?

What companies don't understand is that not only the best of YouTubers will find other ways to make money and still go on. Even if it means moving to other video platforms. They are not going to kill free speech in a free market. It's going to go on and the only harm that they do is to themselves.

Speaking of which, they also don't seem to understand that a boycott can go both ways.

Boycott companies “Boycotting” YouTube’s advertisement program

Perhaps it's time to show companies who funds them?

To be fair to Google, they are kind of stuck in the middle. The people running Google are not stupid. They know that most of the content creators will find other ways to fund them. They also know that by restricting ads in this manner can actually do more harm to companies who want their ads to be seen by as many people as possible.

A boycott on YouTube is not going to let that happen.

Again, I say don't leave YouTube. Find other ways to make money. Then perhaps (as best you can, some are unavoidable), avoid the brands that have boycotted YouTube. Time for a brand restricted diet.


This time, it is the last one about the YouTube boycott. I have a few new blogs planned, including "Grammerly" which I will get into in my next post.

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