Sunday, July 31, 2016

I've been doing it all wrong

House is bucking under the weight of clutter
You know you have a clutter
control problem when....
We are about to start a new chapter in our lives. In June, we had lost our trailer and only means of transportation. Since then, we have been at my parents, trying to sort what's left of our stuff, and my husband has been working around locally to try to pay for expenses while we are here.
After everything was settled, and I finally got into a new routine, I realize, I might have been efficient in living in a house, but definitely not in a camper.

You see, I still have the same problem as many Americans do. If we have that one item that we used once and might have a need for someday in the future, we don't get rid of it. What's more, even if I do use it, it may just be an extra that I can do without.

Open your cabinet and take a look. Check to see how many of those items you have used in the last week. Now here's a thought experiment: Suppose you were to take everything... and I mean EVERYTHING and put it into a box then put the box in a hard reach spot in a storage closet or attic. How many of the items, would you actually make the effort to go and get if a need arises, and how many of the items you won't bother with and just improvise.

This is what I need to deal with.

This is what you are going to see in my posts.

A lot of people have said that I come a long way and they would be right. I came this far kicking and screaming the whole way. Now it's time to let the clutter go and embrace simplicity... With the right tech of course.