Saturday, November 7, 2015

First step to Efficiency

Exactly what I look like when visiting Facebook.
I should know better.

I did a "quick" check on Facebook last night to see if anyone else commented on my last post - and of course, got a little caught up in funny cat videos, political commentary, and funny memes. You know, the usual. The "quick" check lasted about an hour before I realize that I haven't even started on any of my projects yet.

I use Facebook to keep up with family. It's an awesome tool in which people like me, who move miles away for better opportunities, to stay connected with family and friends that otherwise would have been lost.
It's also a great way to stalk look up old acquaintances and classmates to see how they are doing. Reunions are so last century.

Facebook has a downside as well...

I make jokes about the distractions, but they're really true. I start by going through my notifications, (ignoring the game invites), opening each relevant one in a new tab. Then I skim Facebook, opening any of interest into new tabs. At the same time, I may comment on some posts, or watch some videos directly on the timeline.

Then, after spending a good 30 minutes or so doing this (longer if there is a longer than usual video),
I go through my tabs. Some are external links, which also have links that are interesting. Before I know it, the couple of hours that I have in the morning is gone, and all of my projects are postponed until "later", whenever that is. Ethan is now awake and I have other things to do.

I don't want to give up Facebook, but it does happen to be a time leech. Starting right away, I will only be on Facebook on the weekends, since that when more people are active on it anyway.

The only posts that you will see from me will be from my blogs.