Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Facebook and its Glitches?

Nathan got an error while trying to get onto Facebook. Something about being possibly suspended.

When he told me, he said that his account had been suspended. I asked if he knew what possibly could have caused it and he said that the last comment he made was on a popular post in response to "I can't wait until the Blue-Bell trucks come back." His comment? "They will when the military is done with them." It was a tongue and cheek humorous comment on Jade helm. Not a terrorist threat, not a call to arms, not a bomb threat, or any kind of threat.

He noticed that the comment had been deleted so he assumed that it may have been that comment.

I was livid.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Facebook (and Microsoft for that matter - another post sometime in the future). Teetering on the brink of hate for how FB has sold out to the government, the love of keeping in touch with friends and family has kept me from going over that edge. I almost went over that edge when Nathan told me this.

It turns out he misunderstood the error. Another attempted login, and  he was in - but not before I went on a rant and threatened to leave. I should have waited to make a second attempt, so that I wouldn't have thrown a fit online. Throwing a fit

I could chalk it off to a glitch. I could have been a glitch, but was it? Was his account was flagged because of an off-hand remark?

Will my account be suspended because of this post?