Sunday, March 15, 2015

Women and Gaming (or Online Gaming II)

Some not-so-depressing and even inspiring articles after my last post:
Most influential Gamers in the UK

The #1 Trait of Successful Women

After reading on the attacks on certain women online, I started to feel a little depressed. Granted, I was never on the receiving end of these attacks but by all that reading last night, I'm beginning to think that the Minecraft community is just that awesome.

Fortunately, logically, I know better.

Violent crime has gone down tremendously since the 70s. Granted, we are in the middle of a small spike (like that of the 90s), but overall, it's going down. You wouldn't know it if you read the news, but there's the caveat. The news makes violent crimes seem a lot more than it is. The news also makes gaming misogyny seem a lot worse than it is. The reality is that there may be only hundreds of gamer guys intent on doing some harm to woman.

These guys are so bad that they are the ones who dominate the news. You know I looked at hundreds of articles on Gamergate before I came across those two articles above. You would think that we would see something of the 22% of the female game developers.

I've refrained from posting anything on "Gamergate" because I thought it would be akin to saying, "Whatever you do, don't look at the zit on my nose." Now that you let everyone know that there's a zit, no one can stop looking at it.

I'm not saying not to acknowledge that there's a problem. After all, you can't fix the problem without acknowledging that there is one.

The question is, how do we solve this one without giving the attention these trolls so desperately crave?