Saturday, March 7, 2015

Online Gaming

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The most I've done in online gaming is Minecraft. To be quite honest with you, I'm really not much of a gamer. What little I have done online, I haven't really seen too much  misogyny. Sure, there was the occasional moron, but they were usually banned from most servers. Typically, these people were all around trolls and misogynist behavior was just another attempt to get someone all riled up. They usually were banned from most servers as it wasn't just women they were harassing.

So either the problem isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be or the Minecraft community just happens to be that awesome.

Why am I talking about all of this?

I came across an article about someone who is afraid of online gaming because of all of the potential abuse she might have to endure.

Theoretically, you should just ignore it. Trash-talk is common in gaming, and there's a very fine line between trash talk and cyber bullying. Then (theoretically), take it out on the idiot trolls by killing them first and repeatedly, again and again... but you better be good.

Then comes the threats of rape. I'm definitely not condoning their actions, but it's not likely that any one of them will make good on the threat. These idiots are probably not much older than 17 and couldn't find their way out of the basement, let alone do the research, hacks, and/or social engineering to find where you live, then get into a car and drive out to find you.

Unlucky for them if you happen to have a gun to protect yourself. Considering that there are more guns than people in the US, it can mean a Darwin award for those who try to make good on their threats.

Unfortunate for you, there's usually no way of blocking them if you are ingame, or getting them banned, as server admins may either not be present at the time, or for some reason, view it as "trash talk", especially if it's more subtle. If you are new to a server, calling attention to it may cause more problems, especially if this troll has been on for a while and has manage to make a few friends.

That said, it's likely that 99% of gamers are pretty cool. I suspect that it only seems like there are more trolls than they are thanks to the attention that they are getting from the media and other bloggers.

That said, if you are really afraid, you can always play Minecraft. I've only seen two such trolls among thousands of users on a relatively new PVP server, and being an admin (at the time), had the immense pleasure of banning them. To bad I've been through two hard drives since then, otherwise I would show you the screen shots.

So now that I have said my opinion (wrong or right), I would like to know from those women who are gamers. How bad is it really? How do you deal with it? What is your story?

Inspired Source: I'm Afraid to Game Online

Note: I think this is an important discussion, and I'll probably have another post on the subject and include some comments. There are a few other sites that were referenced I have yet to visit but it's late.

Edit: Funny I wasn't able to find a female gamer pic in Zemanta. Anyone want to post for a photo and a controller then post it on Wikimedia or Wikipedia?