Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All the Ways to Hack Your Phone

This is pretty freaky. I knew of this bug a while ago, but I thought it had been fixed. After all, companies usually fix problems when they are publicly exposed, right? Apparently, not this one and this one is a real threat.

The only way this is avoidable is to join the ranks of the Amish and go tech free, but that's like saying that the only way to avoid a break-in, do not have a house. So, using this information, I've come up with a few suggestions to keep your phone from being hacked.

  1. Be aware. Be very aware.
    Watching videos like these might freak you out, but at the same time, you know some of the tactics. Keep up with the latest tech and tech security news. By doing this you can take measures to limit the possibility of being hacked.
  2. "Forget" your hotspot connections
    When you get home, tell your phone to forget all of the hotspots you logged in to that day. You probably can keep your own router. I suspect most hackers who use this tech will be out in the most populated areas.
  3. Turn your Data and Wi-Fi off.
    Note: Turning of your Data will not stop you from making calls, in case you didn't know that.
    If you aren't using your phone apps, then turn both the data and Wi-Fi off. You phone is in constant communication with the networks even when idle. Every app is constantly checking for updates, and everytime it pings the servers, it transmits private data like passwords.
  4. Understand that your phone is potentially unsafe.
    If you have to, do your banking and personal business on a secured PC. Make sure that all of your accounts have a different password, in case someone does get a hold of one.
No, this will not protect you 100% (this security bug is that bad), but unless someone is actively seeking you out, this will probably keep you safe. Criminals in general will pick the easiest targets. This goes for homes, cars, stores, banks, as well as phones and computers.