Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Google Glass

I had signed up to Google Glass to eventually get the opportunity to get my hands on one... I couldn't get one then because I had missed out on the opportunity.

So, I figured I would have to wait like everyone else when it comes out to market and get it then.

Then I got the email (see left). Yes, I was invited to try out the "Explorer Program". I figured I would probably get the glasses, try it out, review it, then send it back.

No, I have to buy it. Since we are financially tight at the moment, that's not possible.
So, I decided to do my review anyway, based on pictures I've seen on the internet.

Google Glass (
That is so cool, and if you look here at all the other images: You can see that it looks really, REALLY cool.

Getting the email then looking at images didn't help. I now want it more. It's like shopping for groceries when you are hungry and you only have $20 in your pocket and you see your favorite chocolate bar "on sale" right there when you walk in. Now I really, REALLY want one.

Even if it is for a week, I would LOVE to have these and try them out. I so want them.

... And thus concludes my review.

You think that was awful? I do too. I want to be able to review more gadgets that would help moms everywhere make their life a little easier. In order for me to do that, I need money. That's right, people who review products actually have to PAY for those products.

Perhaps you would like to help? You can by shopping at my "A-Store" or you can contribute to my "encouragement fund" (see donation button in left column). You can also click on the "Promotion" label and buy from the links.  Then share this page.

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