Friday, February 14, 2014

I was wrong...

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
I didn't give Google+ enough credit. Mostly because I was a bit frustrated and because I hadn't used it to its full potential. Recently I had joined a few communities, and suddenly, I've had more hits from Google+ than I've had from twitter or Facebook - combined.

I realize what the problem is: Anything useful gets pushed down to the bottom by other useful (and useless) posts. So by the time my family and a lot of my friends signs on (no, they're NOT on all day) my posts are already gone. The only chance I have is to spam the timeline -which sort of happens already, as for some reason, both blogger and Google+ posts to twitter, which also posts to Facebook. So when my blog posts to Google+, it also posts to twitter... which of course will post to Facebook.

There is one caveat, however. You have to be willing to put some effort in making the connections. That is, just posting on your most recent blog post will get you a few hits, but you get more hits if you interact with the people in the group.

I should kick myself for posting out of frustration, but instead, I'll take advantage of using Google+ and in a few days, I should actually know enough to post mor eon it.
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