Thursday, January 2, 2014

Learning Web Development

Comp-7My husband thought it would be a good idea to sign up to some website to see if I could win a $10,000 scholarship to go back to school. So he signed me up (after asking me) which included filling out survey after survey from colleges that I probably might be interested in going to and finally get a Bachelor's degree in Web Development.

Of course we were inundated with phone calls from these colleges and I let them make their sales pitch. I finally settled on one college that seemed to have the flexibility that I needed to be able to get my degree online. It was accredited, so my degree would have been “legit”, unlike the home course in computer programming I took years ago. I did it mostly to get my own computer without having to pay the entire price up front as NRI allowed me to make arrangements for payments.

I narrowed my choices down to one and ask for the price. Considering My home course was only $3000 with everything, including a PC with all the latest bells and whistles and Mike when to ITT Tech for $13,000 in ‘82, but he had to go onto campus, I figure that an online course that included materials (didn’t ask if it included a new laptop, but had minimum administrative costs as I would be online instead of on campus, would probably go for about $20,000


$59,000. That’s right. $59,000 for a piece of paper that says that I can do what I’m told. Granted, businesses who are hiring will be looking for that specifically as that’s what colleges are for, but I don’t plan on working for someone else.

Bragging rights would be cool, but for that price, it doesn’t seem worth that much. Especially since the last time I checked, having a BS in anything doesn’t seem to have that much weight in the comments section, even if you use all caps.

So, I opted out, again, and for pretty much the same reason why I opted out of VT Tech 20 years ago. I didn’t want to go into (even more) debt with something that I may or may not use. “But what about learning the skills?” I can almost hear some people ask, “Don’t you need the skills?”

Yes, if you want to achieve anything, you need to learn the skills for whatever you plan on using to make money, but some skills, like web development, can be self taught. Of course, I don’t think I would go to a self taught brain surgeon to have a tumor removed. However, I’m not too concerned about accidentally killing someone with some bad code, or a zombie virus taking over because I didn’t follow proper procedure in hygiene before debugging an app.

So, I’m going to teach myself web development. Unfortunately, the shortcoming on being self taught is the curriculum, or the lack thereof. Since I’m not paying someone else to do it, I have to come up with a plan, or at least find a site that has some semblance of a plan. When I do, I’ll post it here on MOMETEK.