Friday, June 28, 2013

Using Google to Sell a House

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I’m back from my little “hiatus”. Actually, I finally found a stopping point in sorting and eliminating and packing and diaper changes and feedings and sorting and eliminating… Well, you get the picture. It’s been nuts and we are still at it.

The whole point of this craziness is so that we can move out. Besides the fact that the house is a little small for a family of six kids, we have found opportunities elsewhere, which you will hear more about on my personal blog. However, selling the house we currently own is going to be a problem. The market is supposedly getting better and as a result, the market is flooded.

Quite a few houses went for sale in town; most are vacation or second homes. Some are for medical reasons (i.e. moving closer to Burlington to be closer the necessary medical facilities that can meet their needs. And a few (like us) are starting a new adventure.

Since the market is flooded, using traditional methods of selling may take years, especially, since the market is nowhere near what it was a few years ago. So, I need to find a not-so-traditional way to sell it.

Enter Google. That’s right; I will be using Google services to sell the house, starting with a blog (of course). At the time of this post, there’s not much there as I have yet to get some pictures ready for posting. Another option is Google Sites, although I think with blogger, it's a little redundant. That said, I'll be using both and tracking both to see which will get the most traffic and the most responses.

There are also other options to consider, which I may get into later... or not. What I'm doing is just yet one more way to sell a house. Since this is the first house we are selling, it will be a learning process. And yes, of course, I will be blogging about it here. After all, this blog is about using technology to streamline your life.
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