Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Keurig Story

Christmas Keurig
Christmas Keurig (Photo credit: apalapala)
My husband called me from a well known store that was conveniently located on the way home from his work place. He wanted to know what features I wanted in the new coffee maker. This was a surprise, as I was gearing up to use the kettle and a french press after our six-year-old Keruig started to make funny noises and occasionally brewing only air.

After our last trip expenses were tallied up I figured that I can wait a couple of months before spending money on luxuries like the coffee maker. However, considering what we use the coffee maker for: tea, coffee, hot water for oatmeal, etc, I was glad that he called.

My husband must have experienced this problem first hand as he would have otherwise  not have bothered as I didn't mentioned anything about it.

So, now, we have a decent coffee maker/on demand hot water unit, and now that we got it,  The money was well spent.

If you normally get your latte from a coffee shop you can spend about $2.00 a day for that spike of energy.  God forbid if you are a coffee addict connoisseur and drink more three cups a day.  That could get a little expensive.

Enter the Keurig Elite.  This one has a larger tank than our older Keurig model and programmable features such as the temperature and the auto-off.  Just pick a temperature - between 187° - 192° Fahrenheit.  Although, I would like to see a broader range, starting at least 160° as Green tea brews best at this temperature.

There is also a feature that I haven't used yet and that's the set ON/OFF time.  You can have your coffee maker to turn on at a certain time, and then turn off at a later time.  I can see this used for people who go to work and don't get home until later, but being a stay-at-home-mom, I'm too random for that feature.

If you are used to buying your coffee from a coffee shop, then perhaps paying the near $150 dollars as it pretty much pays for itself in a few months and if the quality of the product is the same as the one that I had before, then it should not only pay for itself, but save plenty in the long run.

Now the pods can be purchased in stores or online. If you join the Keurig Club, you can get a discount, but I found that Amazon Subscribe and Save is slightly cheaper per pod.  If you really want to save money, you can always purchase a refillable K-cup. Unfortunately, the one I bought was $12.  The one on Amazon happens to be $14.25 and the one on the Keurig website is $17.95 (ouch!).

So what has become of my French Press?  Well, that's the other downside to the Keurig. You can only make the coffee as strong as the refillable K-cup will allow. The pods are the same strength every time - which is actually good as you will always have the perfect cup of regular coffee, but, it's just not strong enough to make a decent Iced coffee drink. So, I use my french press for that, but that's for another post, for another time.

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