Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Stuff: Google

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseOkay, before you say "Well, DUH! Everyone knows of Google!  It's like, the best search engine ever!" continue reading first.  I'm about to talk about Google's other features, like Gmail, Calendar, Blogger, and Google Desktop - all which are free.
I've had my account on blogger since before Google owned it, but it has improved a lot since I first signed up.  One main thing, is that at one time, only geeks with a lot of knowledge of at least HTML and some CSS could have unique templates.  Everyone else was stuck with the few basic templates they had.
Now, there are so many templates, you finally can have a blog that is pretty unique.  If you think it's not unique enough, you can very easily upload your own background and change the colors and modify the layout by adding and removing widgets.
Calendar is also a decent feature. I use it to keep my blackberry calendar up do date and I'm planning on using it so that Mike and I don't get conflicting schedules.  I just need to convince my husband of the awesome power of the shared calendar.
There are many other google applications that you can use, but there's one item that ties it all together: Google Desktop. This program, you download and install on your computer.  I use it in place of Windows Gadgets and it lets me see my calendar and the weather in one glance.  I also have a too do list and a little notepad to take quick notes without having to run notepad.
The Google Sync for the blackberry automatically syncs with your calendar, so that whatever you or someone else puts on the online calendar shows up on your blackberry calendar.  Using Google Mobile App, you can check your gmail and the news.
If you already use any Google account (including Youtube), you can use your email and password to tie all of your Google accounts together.  So you can use just one email address and password.  This works even if you don't have a Gmail account.
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