Monday, February 1, 2010

Decided on a new mug

The last post talked about a mug by Thermos©. For a little while, I couldn't find the mug the mug that I had owned in the past so I was considering buying a different mug. Then, last week, I found it.  This mug lasted about two years but with kids, it was a God-send. I don't know how many times it was knocked over, but there was no mess to clean up. This saved me a lot of time in running to the kitchen for a towel, then running back to find that my youngest decided that it was fun to paint the walls with the spilled coffee.

It also helped me in cutting back on coffee.  I prefer to sip my coffee throughout the day, but in this weather, the coffee gets cold within a few minutes of being poured in a ceramic mug.  So I would drink it quickly - which would cause the jitters, but boy, would I get some housework done!  After an hour or two, the caffeine high would wear off, and I would make myself another cup.  In the end I would drink about three to four cups of coffee.

That's a bit too much.

However, when the coffee stays hot, I sip it and I can cut back to that one mug a day.  If I choose to quit coffee altogether, I can use the mug for tea or hot chocolate - which I make homemade.

It should be here any day now.

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