Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overzealous Blocking with Leechblock

I have been on Facebook way too much lately. It doesn't help that it's election season. Instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing (like working on this blog) I had been telling people how right I am... because I am right after all - just like everyone else.

Out of frustration, I took some drastic measures. I use Firefox for my browser the most, so I installed Leechblock and blocked Facebook and Twitter across the board for five days a week.

Bad idea. Some sites require Twitter or Facebook to sign in. As it turns out, by blocking it indiscriminately, I can't access the permissions page. Not to mention, MOMETEK is also on Facebook.  At the moment, I'm using Chrome to access Facebook to get the necessary links and to monitor the page.

I can (and will) change the settings so that there are certain hours of the day that I can access Facebook. This will allow me to update my page as well as get in my FB fix. I would just have to remember to avoid the political debates as they can be very time consuming and those few hours will be over before I know it.

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