Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Publishing Software

I typically use Microsoft Publishing ever since my husband was able to acquire Microsoft Office for only $10 from his old job, but it won't be long when it's so out of date that the latest Windows won't run it.

I'm not quite sure if Office 2010 will work with Windows 8 and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. So lately, I had been checking out some alternatives. LibreOffice is similar to OpenOffice, except it runs much faster and it's a pretty decent substitute as it's much easier to install both in Linux and Windows.

Neither have a decent publishing app.

A few weeks ago, I had been setting up my new memory stick with portableaaps and I came across the portable version of Scribus.

Typically, I have a bias towards free software, but Scribus is a distant substitute for MS publishing. I decided to try to make myself a basic business card, and I still haven't been able to change the text color. Granted, it may be there, staring me in the face, but would it have killed them to put a color option in the right-click menu? You know, right click > color then a dialog appears with the color wheel.

I don't expect Scribus to be exactly like Microsoft office, but there's a lot of people who need software like this who don't have the time to read an entire manual just to change the text color. And I don't need a complete college course on typography just to design a simple business card.

That said, it does seem to have a lot of potential. When I get the chance, I can learn it and it's probably a very useful program.

If you are interested, you can check it out here at

I've added the link to my Free Software page.
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