Monday, March 4, 2013

Laptop Bags

DSC00266I was quite content with my old laptop bag, in spite on how bulky and beat up it is.  I bought it in 2002 when I spotted it in Meijer when looking for a diaper bag, as the one that I had at the time was falling apart. I also had a thin laptop bag, and a purse.  Let’s just say, it got interesting when we had to go anywhere.

The one thing I love about this bag is that I could carry everything in it. Think purse/laptop/diaper bag all in one. The front pocket had many smaller pockets for everything, including IDs, credit cards, pens, pencils, disks, cell phone and whatever any other little thing you want to carry with you. It has two large pockets, one is lined for a laptop, the other is where I had used to keep diapers and wipes and whatever else I need to keep a baby happy.

It also came with a separate laptop sleeve that you can use separately (not shown as I seemed to have misplaced it in the last year or so). It’s too bad that High Sierra doesn’t sell this particular bag anymore, but they do have a many other designs to look at.

When my youngest was potty-trained, I began to dislike carrying it around, especially when I didn’t bring anyone with me. So I started to look for alternative. One bag (which has since fallen apart), was too small to carry a laptop, so I would have to also carry the separate laptop sleeve.

pursecontentsI finally decided to try to find a smaller, or at least lighter alternative. Enter the Solo Vintage Laptop Bag. It’s very inexpensive and in spite of the cost, it has a lot to offer in terms of space. The only thing that’s missing from that photo, is my laptop (which I was using with a webcam to take the photo) and larger notebook, which I don’t carry on me much.

There’s still space in there for a couple of diapers and a flat container of wipes. You can se more photos on the amazon link above.

The only downside: the materials that are used are pretty cheap. The edges of the strap are starting to fray and it doesn’t seem to hold up to the abuse I had put the larger bag through. I wonder if their more expensive designs like this one and this one are better made.

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