Sunday, September 12, 2010

Online Bible Study

So, you are trying to come up with a sermon, or maybe you want to do some personal research on specific spiritual topics. You could spend hours, or even days searching and reading the Bible to find the answer you want - or you can use these two great sites:

Both have searchable Bibles in just about every translation available, both have reading plans, and both allow you to use your smartphone to read and search the text.

There are differences.

Biblegateway has a more intuitive search engine and a better list of resources available.
YouVersion has a better mobile app (one that I use on my blackberry) and is also community based.  You can also have a journal entry so that you can keep your notes in the same place, and if you have an insight you want to share, you can contribute it to the community.

I've used Biblegateway when I'm discussing scripture with others in forums and Facebook, but I use YouVersion for my personal devotions.  Both sites are a great tool to help one grow spiritually.
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