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These are very useful sites to help you with life in general

Strikingly - How to build a website in minutes

Android Tablet Links
 The last two had a lot of useful information when I tried to find a solution to the lack of an android market and rates high in the WOT community, so I figured I would add those as well. Be careful, you might get distracted.

Free Online Courses in Web Development
    I had just signed up with my Google+ Account. Some of these courses are "certified", but I'm not sure what that means. Time will tell as I start to take some of the courses soon.
  • Code Academy
    This is the one I will be starting out with as a refresher course before going to Udacity.
    This seems a bit more rigorous. I suspect they run on a tight schedule which could be a problem for me since my internet is unpredictable.
  • Web Design From Scratch

Hosting Your Business Can Count On -

Useful Websites
    This is a site that allows you to share files with friends, family, and co-workers.  Do us all a favor and keep it legal. I know a lot of programmers that were really upset and had to scramble to find a new host when was taken down.
    At one point, Comcast DNS servers went down. No one knows why but for those who know how set their DNS server, they were still able to enjoy browsing the internet, while the rest were in the dark.
    Share a sound, and listen to your friend's sounds.
    My M.I.L. sent me books by the authors of this site. Useful tips.
    Need to see if a friend from another country is awake? This is a visual representation of sunlight hitting the planet.
    Hacks for everything, from gadgets (like tablets) to breaking bad habits. I will more than likely be linking to this site often.
    Get organized with this site. Has "baby steps" that you can take to develop permanent organizational habits.
  • You know that little icon to right of the URL in the URL bar? This site allows you to make one for free.  You can also share it with others under an open license.

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