Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rescue Time

English: Globe with clock to represent a "...
English: Globe with clock to represent a "current event" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Only a few minutes." At least that's how long you think you spend on Facebook or Candy Crush. Are you sure?

We all know that that a "moment" in computer time could be hours in real life, but how can you be sure? There's an app for that called RescueTime.

You simply sign up, install it on your laptop and phone and it will keep track of your activities for you. You can check up on the website to see where you have been spending your time.

Use RescueTime long enough, and you might find results that are surprising. It does itemize Apps, games, and visits to your webpages. However, it doesn't differentiate between watching cute cat videos or uploading the next viral video that will bring in advertising dollars on YouTube. You'll have to get premium for that.

(note: Rescue Time does not sponsor this post. I just like it that much.)