Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Making a Game out of Email

Exquisite-gmail red
Exquisite-gmail red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am not good at keeping up with email. Okay, I'm really terrible at keeping up with email. I procrastinate in running my email client until someone says "Did you get that message I sent you last week?" Usually, I don't check my


Enter The Email Game.

You enter your email (Gmail only, unfortunately) and allow permissions for your account.
Next There's a countdown timer and your first email appears. In the upper left is another count down timer. This is the estimated time it should take to go through the current message. You need to try decide what to before the timer runs out.
The face on the right will change expression on what you do. It gets happier if you delete the email, but it will start to lose it's joy when you skip.
If you don't know what to do with the email at that moment, but you don't want to skip, you can always "boomerang" it so it shows up later.

Like me, you are probably interrupted a lot so there is a pause feature. Click on the timer to pause and then you click anywhere to resume whenever you are ready.

When you are done, it gives you your stats. Yeah, I'm that bad. It's mostly newsletters that I never read anymore. Perhaps I should start unsubscribing to some of them.

This is a pretty efficient way of going through you email. I do about 30 at a time, buy you can increase the amount of emails you go through.

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