Friday, February 28, 2014

The Most EVIL hing you can do on Your Website

Artistic representation of the Devil.
Artistic representation of the Devil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I didn't want to rant about it, but after the "umpteenth" time trying to use right click (this time to check my spelling errors), and could not, I had to say something.

Disabling right-click is EVIL!

First, it does NOT prevent copying, I can easy bypass that by using the toolbar and getting the info via the "view source" there. I can STILL download images, and copy text that way. It's not that hard. Then there are some browsers that now disable the ability to disable right click anyway.

And then there are add-ons like Evernote. To test this point, I use my Evernote and copied the ENTIRE page of someone who disabled right click. Photos, text, everything. All I have to do is copy the photo and paste it into a photo editor and Viola! I now have the photo you thought you have blocked people from copying.

Second, it makes potential readers very, very angry. And you won't like it when your readers get angry. Why? Because there's actually legitimate reasons why people use right click... Like checking for spelling errors.

To be quite honest, I'm not as good of a speller as I used to be. I got lazy thanks to spell-check. Although, usually it's the weird spellings like conscience and subconscious. I usually mistakenly spell subconscious like conscience with a "sub" (subconscience), which is wrong. That's where spell-check is supposed to come in, until someone disables right-click.

Then there's the search features. If you talk about string theory, which I'm not exactly familiar with, I will highlight "string theory", use right-click, then click on "search in Google" or "Wikipedia" depending on what my search box is set to in Firefox. In a disabled right-click blog, I will first click on the "close tab" button, and still do a Google search because now I'm curios, but it's not likely I'll be participating in your blog anytime soon.

Another complaint of something I haven't used, but I guess some browsers use "gestures" and I suspect this has a lot to do with the IPad. I've heard of people complaining in other blogs about how they can't use gestures on pages that disabled right click. Essentially making your site useless.

And finally, it won't kill you if people copy sections of your text. I mean people who use it for future reference, like putting into Evernote, or to entice THEIR readers to click on a link to YOUR site. Isn't that what you would want?

FYI, click on, highlight a favorite quote, copy, then paste it into a text editor and see what happens. When you paste it into a text editor, it also pastes a reference link. I happen to LOVE this. It saves me time on trying to remember where I got that information and I have considered using it on my own site.

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