Sunday, November 18, 2012

New favorite Color Selector

Adobe's Kuler
Adobe's Kuler (Photo credit: Special*Dark)
I had decided to stop procrastinating and finally finish my unfinished personal site. It hasn't been finished in a year or so. There has been a few false starts, but now, that I've forced myself to only go onto facebook in the morning as I have breakfast and for a little while in the evening, I'm finding more time to do things, like waste time on Imgur- er I mean, blog.

That is, until I came across this little gem: So I spent the better part of my allotted blogging time messing with this web gadget. I have yet to actually put in my color theme for my website as there are plenty of presets of color swatches to look at. What's more, you can upload a photo that inspires you, and it will pick out the colors for you.

So now, I'm procrastinating at least one more day to mess with this a little more.

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