Friday, April 6, 2012

Polycarbonate Glasses

This is one of those purchases that I haven't regretted. They have been dropped many times and not even a scratch, at least, not what I have seen.

When we got the cups in the mail, I put the kids names on the bottom of the cups so that if they are left around, I know who to blame.

Notme no longer leaves her cup around, at least not the blue ones. We did purchase four acrylic cups for the kid's friends, which, occasionally end up in the living room. Notme seems to use one of the cups when one of the kids does not want to look for or wash their cup. Of course the blue cups are all mysteriously accounted for when I try to find out where the guest cup came from.

I hadn't put any of these cups in the dishwasher and instead I have been hand washing them.  Not a big deal as I usually don't have enough room anyway. They will certainly hold up longer to normal wear and tear.
Since I had bought the blue polycarbonate and the clear acrylic glasses at roughly the same time, it will be interesting to compare the two and how it holds up to kid abuse. Granted, the acrylic should hold out longer than normal, since they aren't used as often as the polycarbonate ones... provided Notme leaves them alone.