Monday, February 28, 2011

Google Search (Part 2)

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Basic tips:

  • Search is not case sensitive. WHODUNIT is the same as whodunit and WhOduNit
  • All the words in your query will be used
  • Most punctuation is ignored (except quotes – more on that below)
  • Be specific as possible. You’ll probably get better results with National Crime statistics than with statistics for crime

Google “hacks” at a glance

Using “headache as the original search term

“hack” Descriptiopn example search Results
+ Pages HAVE to have that word: headache +cure Most pages will have headache, ALL results will have “cure”
- Leave that word out headache -migraine None of the pages will have “migraine”
“” Search phrase “headache cure” All pages will have “headache cure”
~ find synonyms headache ~cure Pages will also have “remedy” and maybe “age” (as in aging food)
filetype: Find specific filetypes headache cure filetype:pdf Will return results of Adobe PDF files that contain  “headache” and “cure”
site: search within a site cure Will return results with “cure”
define: Get the definithion define:headache Will show the definition of “headache”, then return results with “headache”
related: get all sites related to given page Will show the sites that are related to “” but it isn’t always accurate
link: Get all sites linked to a given page Will show all the sites that link to

(note: does not exist – yet)

These are all the search terms I’ve used many times and I thought I would put them up in a way that’s easy to see at once. There are many more terms that I’ve used once or twice but you might find them useful for yourself. A great page to check out is’s “Google Search Tips (Ultimate Google Guide)”.

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