Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Stuff: Browsers

There are many, many different browsers and you can see them in the Wikipedia article here.

Out of all the browsers available, there are two that I use the most: Firefox and Chrome.

Chrome is definitely faster and does really well with Google based services online.  It streams videos well, especially since Google has ironed out the bugs it had with Hulu and Netflix.  Because of Chrome's speedy load time, it's usually the first browser I load to to look something up.

Firefox has more flexibility.  Out of all the plugins that I use in Firefox, only two work in Chrome. For example, Scribefire opens in Firefox at the bottom of window, off the status bar.  In Chrome, it opens in a new tab.  If I'm blogging on a specific webpage, it's easier to just look above the Scribefire box (Firefox) than it is to change tabs (Chrome).  The other plugin is Evernote, but I will get more into the plugins in another post.

Now these are only two of the many, but these two are definitely a good alternatives to Google.  You can look at my Free Software page for the download links as well as links to other freebies.